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Welcome to a foodie haven. A restful, flavourful restaurant, permeated by a passion for food, ambience and fine wine – the ’2006 winelist won an Award of Excellence in its 2nd entry in the annual Diners Club International Winelist of the Year Awards. (It took Gold in 2005).

Owner Marc Friederich, an experienced restaurateur and award-winning sommelier, subscribes to the Mediterranean habit of expressing hospitality through food. Share his belief that a truly great eating out experience depends on the perfect combination of good food, good wine and good company.

Emphasis is on simplicity and lightness, prime ingredients and appetising presentation. Freshness, texture and flavours set the food mood, with specialities revolving a round seasonal treats like mushroom and fresh asparagus, plus perfectly cooked classics such as butter-tender sirloin with creamy peppercorn sauce and crisp pommes frites. Firm favourites are a must-try mezze with a Lebanese touch, (Marc’s wife Maya was born in Beirut) and paella. Remove them from the menu and regulars would riot.

Don’t miss the decadent chocolate mousse from rich, dark Belgian chocolate – one of the few imports used in the kitchen. Most ingredients are sourced locally, for Marc regards the Boland as a fertile vegetable garden. ‘All you have to do is harvest it’.

Eat in the chic Provencal interior with pine tables, eclectic chairs and comfortable couches, or al fresco on a lavender scented terrace, shielded from the noise of traffic. Service is knowledgeable and efficient and not at all intrusive. You’ll be left to savour your wine, carry on a conversation, and appreciate the delights on your plate.

This is a place to linger over your meal. And with so many delicious choices on the menu, it’s likely you’ll be back.

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Great eaters and great sleepers are incapable of anything else that is great.

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